Compassionate Pet Euthanasia at Home

Providing compassionate euthanasia for your beloved pet at home.

At-home euthanasia allows for a less stressful experience.

Pets are most at ease in their own home at the end of their lives. You may choose the most comfortable location in your home for the process, such as on a well-loved pet bed or even on your own bed. Our technicians are very gentle and are respectful of your pet’s need for comfort and your need for privacy.

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About Compassionate Pet Euthanasia at Home.

Compassionate euthanasia has been a passion of Dr. Susan Rodgers since she started practicing. She has always worked with her clients to make the hardest day of pet ownership as peaceful and calm as possible. After living in the Dade City area for a few years, Dr. Rodgers started to realize that many of her friends and clients were prevented from at-home euthanasia because of where they live.

Why in-home euthanasia?

At-home euthanasia allows for a less stressful experience. Most pets are not easy to move at the end of life and are fearful and stressed in some way. A large dog may be in pain and unable to walk. It could seem too difficult or even impossible to get your pet into a car or carrier to transport them to a veterinary hospital. Cats may act aggressively when we attempt to move them when they are uncomfortable. Pets are most at ease in their own home at the end of their lives.

Our service area

We are based in Dade City. We service a 30-mile radius that includes Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Lakeland, and Tampa.

Proudly serving Dade City, FL, and surrounding communities.

Our team will ensure your pet’s passing is as peaceful as possible. Being at home with your pet during this time keeps him or her in familiar and comfortable surroundings and allows you the time, space and privacy to say goodbye in your own way.

In-home pet euthanasia

We provide compassionate, personalized end-of-life care in the privacy of your own home.

traditional pet cremation

We discuss options for the handling of ashes and memorialization when the time comes.

pet aquamation

Aquamation Service offers you and your family a gentler, water-based alternative method.